Current Initiatives:

Foster EmpowerPacks:

  • Kits-to-Kids: Our  EmpowerPacks initiative is the heart of the IAmLoved EmpowerMeant program. We believe every child deserves to feel loved & valued. This initiative allows us to send Affirmation Pillow Kits to kids in foster care. It's more than a gift; it's a message of hope, love, brighter futures.


  • Affirmation Komfort Kits & EmpowerPlush Kits: Dive into the world of creativity and comfort with our EmpowerShop. Our unique pillow kits are not just crafts; they're tools of affirmation. Create a personal space of comfort and positivity with our beautifully designed Komfort Kits and EmpowerPlush Kits.

EmpowerPaint Parties:

  • Move over traditional canvas painting:  Our EmpowerPaint Parties offer a unique twist on traditional painting. Instead of canvases, we paint affirmation pillows. Participants personalize their pillows, transforming them into cherished keepsakes that represent their aspirations and dreams.

Coming Soon:

EmpowerLife Coaching:

    We are excited to introduce EmpowerLife Coaching, an upcoming addition to our EmpowerMeant program. This initiative will offer a range of life coaching services, including:

    • EmpowerKids: Tailored coaching for children to help them discover and embrace their unique strengths.
    • EmpowerParents: Support and guidance for parents to foster nurturing and empowering environments at home.
    • EmpowerStartups: Business coaching for startups, providing guidance on business development, strategies, and growth.
    • EmpowerDesigns: Offering specialized services in digital designs, print designs, and UI design to elevate your brand’s presence across various platforms.